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Some of our more recent programs

Maximise your change (while minimising casualties!)

Considering change is so commonplace, why do between 60 and 80% of organisational changes fail? Here is what leaders and managers can do to survive and thrive in constantly changing environments, implement changes, help their team members along the way, and of course draw on their knowledge, expertise and contributions.

Maximise capability (without blowing the budget)

Using delegation, motivation and performance feedback to get things done, and to build the capability (and capacity) of the individual, the team, and the organisation.

Leadership & People Manager Development Programs

  • Managing people and performance for maximum impact
  • Sensational supervision training
  • Maximise your individuals (managing individual performance)
  • Maximise your team (blending individuals into a high performing team)
  • Delegate or Die!
  • Maximise your difficult performance conversations (approach and manage those difficult performance conversations with confidence and impact)
  • Developing and using micro-learning strategies (low-cost/high-impact development strategies)
  • Choosing the best leadership styles
  • Using DiSC for maximum impact with your team
  • Using Belbin Team Roles for maximum impact with your team
  • Selecting and inducting the best people
  • Coaching for maximum impact


Personal & Professional Development programs


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Training Programs: Leadership Skills, People Management, Supervision, time management, public speaking, facilitating and influencing, Australia-wide. ACT, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, Sydney, and all points between.