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Developing leaders, managers and teams across Australia

"The trouble with time management courses and books is that unless we all change, nothing changes!"

Better results

Less frustration

Increased collaboration

Real team-development!

We will:

  • Run a brief high-impact time management presentation, with at least 10 tools and 50 tips, then
  • Lead the team through a series of activities to explore how to integrate these tools and tips, and
  • Workshop solutions to shared time, activity and energy wasters.

Each participant will receive at least 10 take-away tools and a minimum of 50 low-cost tips, and hopefully a new-found willingness to take charge of what is within their control.


Just 1 simple improvement that saves 5 minutes per day can save 20 hours per year, per person. Imagine the benefits if spread across the whole team!

(We will also share recent findings on how productivity can increase by more than 20% by doing 15 minutes less work each day! Interested?)

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