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Want a high-energy team building or celebration activity that will make a real impact?

Try a Drumming Workshop!

Celebrate with your team and shape a fantastic interactive team building program, conference or celebration around a vibrant, loud, fun-filled drumming workshop.

Make it an event that people talk about for a long time - for the right reasons!

Our team of skilled and passionate drummers will help everyone learn how to play some simple yet contagious drum riffs.

(No pre-existing talent or musical training is required!!!) Contact us.

Before long everyone, even those who have never played a drum, will be working together to create an amazing high energy team-symphony!

  • Listen as your team comes to life.
  • Watch as people sway to the rhythms
  • Better still, grab a drum and join in!

It's hard to resist once you feel the beat!

Drumming workshops are great for:

  • Team Christmas celebrations
  • Special event celebrations
  • Conferences
  • Networking events
  • As part of a team development or team bonding event
  • Planning days
  • Breaking the ice, or re-energising participants on training programs or conferences
  • Family functions (So you don't drive the neighbours crazy, why not invite them over to join in the fun!)

We can customise your workshop and even combine them with a keynote or guest speaking presentation.

Bring your team building event to life!

Bring your team building event to life!

Choose from our:

  • 30 or 40-minute ice-breaker, energiser or program climax activity
  • 60-minute workshop, or
  • 90-minute workshop and performance (where your team members will perform and showcase their talent and/or enthusiasm)

You may be pleasantly surprised by the price! Contact us.


For other great event ideas, visit our team building & development page.

We do more than just drum!

There are many strong links between a drumming or percussive ensemble and an effective team.

Our specialist facilitators can design a program to make those connections, then link them to other more tangible and practical activities, e.g.

  • Team problem solving or process improvement
  • Team strategic planning
  • Identifying and understanding individual likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, motivators and style differences, etc.

Our aim is to help build and strengthen your team!

We can cater for small, medium and large teams.

Contact our Principal Consultant for prices and details.

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