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Rule 16 Remember that most employees have finely-tuned Truth (and bull-dust) Detectors so tell the truth, speak clearly and do what you said you would do!

So, tell the truth and speak in plain language rather than ‘Spin’! There are many words and phrases that employees may regard as ‘management speak’. Wherever possible I should say what I mean and mean what I say. I shouldn’t assume that everyone knows what I mean when I use organisational or team-jargon or technical terms. I should watch out for words that have not yet entered everybody’s vocabulary. And I should not assume that everyone feels comfortable enough to say “Excuse me, what do you mean by that?”

Remember that to many workers integrity is about honesty, trust, trustworthiness and follow-through. If the answer is no, maybe saying “No” is the best option. I should not make a promise, commitment or offer to do anything I are not sure can be delivered on. And if it eventuates that my good faith offer cannot be delivered on, I should get back to people, apologise for the inconvenience and try to negotiate what can be done now.