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Rule 14 Role model good behaviour – because others are watching!

As a manager or leader I need to be aware that some people will notice my ‘slip-ups’, short cuts or how I behave in my unguarded moments.

I need to try to role model the most desirable behaviours that I can, and when I realise that I have slipped, or when they are pointed out to me, be prepared to acknowledge them and talk about them. I don’t have to be perfect. Being human is OK.

But I can’t expect others to perform in ways that I have not demonstrated over time. When I say one thing and then do another some people may be inclined to focus on what I do as being the real me (or the behaviour that they can get away with emulating). I should aim to be the embodiment of what ‘being professional in this place’ looks like, and of how I expect people to take responsibility and be accountable for their actions or inactions and their failings, when they occur. Then, any feedback that I give to people is more likely to have greater meaning and credibility.