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Rule 13 Culture change can happen – it just takes heaps of patience, persistence and above all, well planned effort! (Refer to rule #7)

Every time a team member leaves, the culture of the team can be slightly modified. When a new member arrives, the culture of the team can be slightly modified. When a procedure, system, rule or other event occurs, once again the culture of the team can be slightly modified. So, because doing nothing is doing something by not dealing with an undesirable culture, I am giving it permission to continue and even worsen. So, I need to think, and then do some smart things.

But remember that culture change = well-planned multi-pronged effort + time +persistence + role modeling + affirmation + success + recognition + patience to have a chance of success, along with the recognition that despite what some gurus say, not everything is possible (Refer to Rule 9).

Rather than focusing all of my effort on large group discussions or brainstorms or interventions, I might be better off exploring how much effort I could also spend working with individuals to influence them. I might also get some value from consulting with others, including managers, about what can be done to ‘encourage’ and ‘induce’ people to move towards a more desirable culture.

This is not to say don’t engage in team building days or bring in an outside consultant (we know a very good firm of consultants that we highly recommend!). Just remember that not much of great value is achieved just in one afternoon, or during a fun event. Culture change and team development takes at least 8 things (see the second paragraph of this blog).