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Rule 15 Most adult workers in Australia would probably prefer to hear their opinion than yours!

A manager on one of our programs once said “I’ve come to realise that my staff would rather listen to their own opinions than mine!”

It might be quicker for me to tell you what you did wrong, and what you need to do next, but it may not necessarily send the correct message of trust and respect, or receive the most positive response from you. It might also not be the best advice because I may not understand your situation as well as you do.

To get the best results I need to think about how I approach you!

Maybe I should apply the Ear:Mouth Ratio that I have 2 ears and only 1 mouth, so perhaps listening really is twice as important as talking. So, then I could shut up and listen to how you saw the situation, what you see are the options, what you need to see in place to enable you to be successful.

Sure I could offer suggestions, but could they be offers of collaboration rather than dictation?

By the way, if the solution that you come up with, and agree to follow, can achieve the desired outcomes, fits within the protocols and is not illegal, immoral, unethical or fattening, does it really matter that it is different to my initial preferred solution?

Isn’t it possible that because it is what you came up with that you will be more likely to be committed to it, and even have a vested-interest in making it work?

As opposed to the strategy that I impose, about which you could say, at the first sign of trouble “Well it was his idea, he can take responsibility for fixing it...he didn’t ask me!”