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Developing leaders, managers and teams across Australia

Looking for a Guest or Keynote Speaker who entertains, informs and empowers?
Or, an MC/Facilitator to lead your conference or Planning Session?

Jeff Podbury, our Principal Consultant has the knack of engaging with audiences of all sizes, ages and backgrounds through the use of story-telling, self-effacing humour and loads of practical wisdom.

Equally comfortable with Professors and front-line staff, social workers and construction workers, mature workers and secondary students, Jeff can tailor a presentation that will go beyond the entertaining - it will provide inspiration and ideas; challenges and tangible tools that your audience can reflect-on, take-away, trial and make a difference!

His style is informal yet faced-paced and witty. Boredom is not on the agenda when Jeff presents, facilitates or MCs!

He has presented to groups more than 1000 times right across Australia and loves making connections and having an impact.

He draws on well-researched data and combines it with tried and tested no-nonsense practicality. Your audience will be challenged, inspired, empowered and resourced!


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Packages include

  • 30 minute, 45 minute or 60 minute guest speaker presentations
  • 90 minute mini-seminars
  • 3 or more-hour seminars and workshops
  • Combinations e.g. 30 minute keynote, with a 1-hour team-building or team drumming activity included in the program
  • Hourly, half-day, full-day and multi-day Facilitation and Master of Ceremonies engagements.

Available Topics

  • 3 Critical Rules for Leaders in Australia
  • Jeff's 16 Commandments of Management (and Leadership)
  • A leader who nobody follows.........What separates Leaders from Managers and why it matters
  • Delegate or Die! (Well, that's what it feels like)
    10 reasons why you should delegate, and 5 steps for effective delegations
  • How to 'motivate' people without spending a cent
  • Managing your time and priorities for results without working one-bit harder
  • 20 characteristics of high performing teams (and how your team stacks up)
  • 10 ways to craft a work-group into a high-performing team*
  • 10 ways to revitalise and build your team (without ropes, paint or helmets)*
  • Sensational Customer Service - Why your customers crave it, and how you can create it!
  • Team building - its more than just paying for people to have fun!
  • Preparing for and surviving difficult performance conversations
  • There's no such thing as a difficult person - why mindset is the most important element of influencing another's behaviours
  • How to read (and manage to) people's preferred styles (using DiSC for results)
  • Celebrating diversity in your team: exploring different work styles using the DiSC model
  • 10 things you can do to communicate more effectively*

And, especially for students:

  • 10 VCE / HSC Tips to Survive, Thrive and Arrive: Moving beyond the Motivational-speaker hype!* 

(From the guy whose 3 kids have 'been there' recently and lived to tell the tale and who has coached and nurtured thousands of successful managers, leaders and team members. Drawing on research, experience, tears and cheers.)

* Also available in the 20-ways format

Combine a presentation with one of our high-energy maximum impact drumming workshops!


Jeff is highly skilled in refining your agenda and working with your group members, with just the right balance between time/task focus and environment focus.

Whether it is a business planning workshop, conference or celebration event, Jeff will work with you to customise and deliver a program that has Maximum Impact.

Master of Ceremonies

As an MC Jeff engages and entertains as he keeps the program moving, while ensuring that the critical logistics aren't overlooked. 

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Jeff can also customise each of these topics, and any of the other topics that appear elsewhere on this website.  Contact us for a quote.