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Unlocking potential - Maximum Impact coaching services

Formal and group training and development isn't for everyone and is not the most appropriate learning strategy for all situations.


  • There is no formal training available and you need the skills now!
  • The location, duration and format of the training program may be impractical.
  • You only have one person who needs to develop the skills and can't justify a full program.
  • The learner may:
    • feel overawed by the group dynamic or the formal learning environment;
    • need to explore the material in more depth (in order to build real competence or successfully apply the learning in their workplace).
  • Or, perhaps there are a group of managers who need to 'workshop' the real-world application of a theory, model, tool or approach in a short time-frame.

At Maximum Impact Training & Development, we recognise that real competence can take time, effort, practise, and of course, plentiful, frequent and useful feedback.

We provide one-on-one in-person, telephone and Skype coaching for managers, leaders and those who are aspiring to these roles. We can also provide coaching to small groups and teams.

Our Coaching Service

We offer One-on-One and Small Group Coaching for learning needs such as:

  • Transitioning into managing and leading staff
  • Managing the performance of your individual staff
  • Managing and leading teams or people within your team
  • Managing difficult performance conversations
  • Delegating cleverly as a development strategy, as well as a way of getting things done
  • How to develop and apply successful micro-learning strategies
  • Communicating performance expectations
  • Giving effective affirming or developmental feedback
  • Understanding diversity using DiSC Dimensions of Behaviour or Belbin Team Roles
  • Exploring alternative leadership strategies
  • Selecting, onboarding and inducting new starters
  • Managing individuals and team members through changes
  • Coaching team members to high performance
  • Addressing and improving team culture
  • Public speaking - making a powerful presentation
  • Improving personal effectiveness through time and priority management, etc.

We can tailor a coaching package for you or your staff member(s).

Our coaching can be done onsite at your location, at a neutral venue or via Skype.

Our coaches have been developing thousands of managers, leaders and teams for many years. They are experts in adult learning and unlocking potential!


Contact us for a firm proposal and to make a booking.

Coaching - Unlocking potential through relationship based learning!

Coaching - Unlocking potential through relationship based learning!