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Based on the work of Meredith Belbin, Belbin Team Roles is a fantastic model to understand in depth how people behave in teams and how they can work more effectively within those teams.

Put simply, a great team needs more than a collection of people with the right mix of technical skills!

Belbin found that the most effective teams contain a balance of 9 BELBIN Team Roles.

He found that we each have our own Team Role Profile – our personal repertoire of (non-technical) Team Role strengths ranging from those that come quite naturally (our preferred roles) to those that are our least-preferred roles.

Teams where each member effectively projects their Team Role strengths at the right time can be much more effective!

Your team members can learn more about each other and how to manage their own, and each other's strengths and weaknesses.

These can be explored in-person or as the basis of a team building workshop or a training program.

We own the software so we can process all reports in-house quickly and affordably. We can also maximise data confidentiality.

We can generate a range of BELBIN Team Roles reports using BELBIN e-interplace software.

This model can be applied as a useful tool in:

  • Team development/ management
  • Recruitment
  • Succession planning
  • Work design/allocation
  • Career development

For more information on how this model can be of use for you, contact us.