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3 Public Seminars: manage the performance of your individuals, manage your team and manage  difficult performance conversations

5 days that could
change the way you manage your people!

Presented by Jeff Podbury, Principal Consultant, Maximum Impact Training & Development. (See below)

5 fabulous 1-day Training Programs that will challenge the way you manage your people.
These programs are available for delivery in-house or through 1-on-1 or small group Coaching.
  • Program 1: Maximise your change (while minimising casualties!)
    Considering change is so commonplace, why do between 60 and 70% of organisational changes fail? Here is what leaders and managers can do to survive and thrive in constantly changing environments, implement changes and help their team members along the way.
  • Program 2 Maximise capability (without blowing the budget)
    Using delegation, motivation and performance feedback to get things done, and to build the capability (and capacity) of the individual, the team, and the organisation.
  • Program 3 Maximise your Individuals 
    Managing people's performance - getting people to do the work you need, to the standard you require ... even when you aren't looking. Ideal for new or consolidating people managers, or those wanting to get even better results.
  • Program 4 Maximise your Team
    Blending, developing and sustaining a high-performing team - measure your team, learn how to work with the 'I' in team, ideas for 'working-on' team culture, and more.

Each of these 1-day interactive programs is loaded with sound theory, practical re-usable tools and numerous tips.

Your fee includes: 

  • The Seminar
  • Comprehensive Seminar resource kit              
  • A range of online post-program resources and self-assessments

Jeff is a highly regarded Facilitator who uses an enthusiastic, engaging and often humourous style that adds real impact to the learning experience.

He has trained, nurtured and coached thousands of managers, leaders and supervisors across Australia.

Through our Team-building & Development consultancy, Jeff has also worked as Lead Facilitator with many new teams; teams that are in trouble; and high-performing teams, in a wide range of industry sectors.


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